I believe we all have an inner guidance system that tells us when we’re on the right path, but listening to that guidance and taking the steps to live fully and authentically can take some practice.

I spent much of my life thinking there was a right way to live. If only I did well in school, practiced my religion, married the right man, built a respectable career, had children, a beautiful home and a lively social circle, I’d be rewarded with happiness. I had it all, plus a nagging sense that I was living the wrong life.

It occurred to me after many years of avoiding that nagging sense that I could summon my courage to make changes or risk my life pretending not to know who I am. Eventually I started listening to the truth inside me instead of listening to everyone else. Or even believing my own thoughts. It was a learning process that enabled me to change, well, mostly everything, but it brought me peace, clarity and joy.

As a coach, I can help you determine what’s true for you, handle all the thoughts and emotions that stand in your way, and express more of who you truly are so you can share your best gifts with the world. As a degreed interior designer, I can help you create living spaces that support and delight you. As an experienced wardrobe reviver, I can help you build a stress-free wardrobe that boosts your confidence and honors your unique physical gifts, personality and taste.

I was certified as a life coach by the incomparable Martha Beck, whose practical, compassionate and humorous guidance enables people to access and express their inner wisdom so they can live their right lives.

I use brain research, positive psychology, thought work and spiritual technologies to help you create ongoing well being. I have a BA in communication and nearly two decades of human resources development experience recruiting, training and mentoring in major corporations and non-profits.

Connect with me and take a step toward your right life, starting right now.

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