What do you Think You Should that you Could be Doing?

As a life designer, I spend considerable time building my business, both staying in contact with current and potential clients, and reaching out to people who might become or refer me to new ones.

This morning I was reviewing some of my marketing activities, and over lunch I casually asked my boyfriend if thought there was anything else I should be doing. He answered, “no, other than blogging.” Normally, I’m very wary of that five letter word “should,” especially when it comes out of other people’s mouths in regard to me and what I do with my life.

My well-trained and true to my breed life coachy response is almost automatically to question the source, the truth and the helpfulness of any words that follow s-h-o-u-l-d. In fact, I often go to great lengths to avoid “shoulding” on myself and others, using careful and delicate phrases like “you might consider” and “have you thought about” instead.

When it comes to things I “should” do for myself, I am similarly skeptical, and frequently find that with closer analysis, the very thing I tell myself I should be doing would benefit from my doing just the opposite. For example, telling myself I should be working when what I really need is a nap.

Today I was fully prepared to find (and in fact rather looking forward to the idea of finding) a reason why “I should be blogging” was faulty. The source was me, the truth was, it’s a terrific business tool, and the helpfulness is that this realization could save others from the excuse that “shoulding” is always a useless construct.

Today’s insight for me, my friends, was realizing that sometimes it’s time to stop “shoulding” and get on the spot. What “shoulds” are YOU tired of hearing yourself talk about that you could be doing, starting right now?

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