What’s The Gift You Are Today?

My clients often struggle with what they “should” be doing with their lives. What’s the best direction for their career, the best decision for their relationship, the answer to their one true calling? News flash: That thing you’re supposed to do is not somewhere “out there;” the perfect choice if only you could locate it somehow. Many people believe the myth that making the right decision is a puzzle to be solved, a treasure to be discovered, a formula to be applied, a prize that comes with the comfort of righteousness and security and social affirmation.

I’m here today to share a liberating idea (at least it was for me). That thing you want to find, that right choice, is not out there at all. There is no “should.” There IS the connection with the moment your heart opens and you know this is something you want to TRY. To investigate, to experience, to be with, right now. I’ll give you a personal example. I’ve been “officially” life coaching for over a year now, and I know — in a completely peaceful, aligned, gut level knowing, that this is what I want to be doing right now. That regardless of what my later career or financial success might look like, I’ll be satisfied knowing that I gave this experience everything I had to give. Not in a desperate this has to work or it will prove I’m a worthless slug who has run down another dead end path kind of way. In more like a this is part of the gift I am to the world right now kind of way. What is part of the gift you are to the world today?

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